Tijuana-style birria de res truck in Jackson Heights

About two months ago I first ate at this new truck, which mimics trucks like Teddy’s Red Tacos in Los Angeles and follows a burgeoning trend there for beef birria in northern Mexican styles. Unfortunately, it was terrible!

The good news is that they got their legs under them and are now worth checking out. (Will link below).

They sell only birria de res, in the form of consome, on tacos, tostadas, and mulitas. Tortillas are dipped in the broth before being grilled for a nice crispiness.

Good to see this type of regional style show up in NYC.


Thanks! I’ve only had this a couple of times in LA myself.

Is it that USA’ers are wimps and prefer beef to goat?

Nope! Or at least not as far as I know - birria made with beef is the prevailing style in Tijuana, usually served as antojitos like tacos and mulitas with a cup of consome on the side for dipping and sipping. As opposed to bigger dish-style versions from other regions like Jalisco or Zacatecas which come in giant bowls with tortillas and condiments on the side for self-assembly.

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Thanks a gazillion for this input. I had no idea.

As @Srsly notes, birria de res is the style in Tijuana. The cow is king in most of northern México in states like Baja and Sonora (home to arguably the best carne asada). Now with all this said, residents of Guadalajara and other places known for birria de chivo will snicker when someone offers them this kind of birria. In their eyes, it does not even qualify. But the existence of both, and especially the growth of this style of quick and tasty birria in the US getting to us in NYC is good news.

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Eater just catching up to your recent rec :wink: