Tim Ho Wan

HTF did they get awarded 1* (Granted that was in HK)??? :roll_eyes:

Maybe that was 1* on Yelp?

A Michelin star? That would be a surprise to me.

I went back yesterday with a friend. I don’t like their noodle rolls - way too thick. But everything else I’ve tried so far has been quite good. But though their slightly sweet, pock-marked wrappers are unique in my experience (though I haven’t been to Hong Kong since 1987), I think it’s really more of a Bib Gourmand kind of place with traditional cuisine than a Michelin-starred restaurant. But then again, seeing how non-traditional Michelin has been with their stars in New York…

But seriously, 1 star on Yelp? Come on, that’s not even a funny joke.

The original Tim Ho Wan in HK was excellent. I’m glad I got to eat there when it was just the original (which was a tiny place) and I think one more outpost.

I do not expect to ever return.

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