Time for some reflection ... Top 5 things you ate in 2018 (in SoCal)

For those that detests lists, you can look away now.

But given that 2018 is quickly fading in the rear view mirror, I thought it might be nice to take a moment to look back at what our favorite things we ate were in the past calendar year.

I’ll start.

In no particular order, except alphabetical:

1. Bavel: Fois Gras Halva with Buckwheat Bread
2. Cento Pasta Bar: Beet pasta
3. Everson Royce Bar: Buttermilk biscuits
4. La Morra Pizzeria: Clam pie
5. Mh Zh: Peas and cheese

  • chicken liver bruschette with capers, parsley, and pancetta at Pizzeria Mozza
  • Kobe beef tendon at Aburiya Raku
  • soft-shell crab banh mi at Little Sister DTLA
  • spicy lamb bing at Majordomo
  • lamb burger at Badmaash
  • jokbal lunch special at Jang Choong Dong
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What did they do with the tendon?

Who knows? I’d guess maybe salted for a while and then parboiled before it went on the grill.

Well, that’s what I meant. We love tendon.

Nothing .

after ingesting that container of glitter, i find myself reflecting after every restroom visit.

Definitely missing a bunch but:

  1. Shrimp Taco at Mariscos Jalisco, Pomona
  2. Newport Special Lobster at Newport Seafood, San Gabriel
  3. Special Curry at Rita’s Gate of India, Santa Monica
  4. Chickpea Curry at Cassia, Santa Monica
  5. Peach Donut, Donut Man, Glendora

Visited Melisse last week and like half the dishes there would be on this list for 2019.

Best overall things outside of SoCal include Ayer Itam Asam Laksa in Penang, Savory Betel Leaf at Gaa in Bangkok, Chili Crab at Hai Ching in Penang, and every dang hainan chicken rice I had in Singapore.


Off the top of the dome:

  1. Chestnut gelato at Bulgarini Gelato - Altedina
  2. Galbijjim at Sun Nong Dan - Ktown
  3. Fried chicken at Gjusta - Venice
  4. Beet pibil at Broken Spanish - DTLA
  5. Peach donut at Donut Man - Glendora

Here’s to a happy 2019, y’all.


There was a chestnut gelato?!? :scream:
Wow! I wish it had been there the week I walked in.

Somehow 2018 is already out of my head. Maybe something like this for me (in no particular order):

Carne asada taco on flour - Asadero Chikali
Brisket - Moo’s Craft BBQ
Scallop Aguachile - Taco Maria
burnt onion cookie with fruit leather thing - Vespertine
margherita - Hail Mary

In no particular order:

  1. Ronan: Beef tartare
  2. Cassia: Smoked salmon dip (part of seafood platter)
  3. Bavel: Hummus with cauliflower and pita
  4. Langer’s: Pastrami chili cheese fries
  5. Chi Spacca: Focaccia di Recco

No particular order

  1. Bread and cultured butter from republique
  2. Falafel pita at Joes falafel
  3. Tendon yakitori aburiya raku
  4. Yibin noodles at best noodle house
  5. Holbox scallop taco and uni and yellowtail ceviche

Best meal of the year: OmAkase at sushi sho in honolulu, if you’re ever in honolulu please go. Not in SoCal but this is maybe the best meal I’ve had in my life and I’m sure a lot of posters travel to honolulu.


Completely agree on Sushi Sho. Had a phenomenal meal there in 2017 and can’t wait to make it back.

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Have you had the baguette at Fiona? I think it’s better than the republique one

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This was an odd year for me in that most of my best meals were outside of LA, and within LA, I mostly stuck with traditional stand-by’s. My list would be:

  1. Jade Noodles (Luv2eat)
  2. Lobster over noodles (New Port Seafood)
  3. Carnitas Tacos (Los Cinco Puntos)
  4. Lettuce with garlic (Chengdu Taste)
  5. Burger (Everson Royce Bar)

I’ve only had one of their toasts, a slice of fig pie, a loaf of bread, and a slice of mushroom pizza at Fiona. None of it really was off the charts.

I’ll go back and try their baguette and their other pies at some point.

In no particular order:

  1. Pork chop - Chi Spacca
  2. Duck cassoulet - Church and State
  3. Lobster broth with potato croissant - Somni
  4. Whole fried snapper - Osteria Mozza
  5. Aguachile - Salazar
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This thread has reminded me of many great things I’ve eaten this year, but totally forgot about.

  1. Majordomo - lamb bing
  2. Gwen - corn agnolotti
  3. Bavel - babaganoush
  4. Bestia - cavatelli norcia
  5. Somni - lobster and croissant

Some things mentioned above I really wanted to include, but this is top 5, not top 10. Luckily I was able to eliminate some of those items because I had them in 2017.

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They’re serving e-fu noodles under the house lobster at Newport now?