Time to Cancel Broguiere's Eggnog

Hey everyone, FYI don’t bother to purchase Broguiere’s eggnog this year – its recipe is completely different, filled with highly-processed and artificial ingredients, including food dyes.

The first tip-off is that it’s now being sold in plastic bottles and no longer glass.

I found the ingredients from prior years’ bottle caps:

Milk, cream, egg yolks, spices, sugar and artificial flavor.

Contrast to the new recipe, which also tastes WAY too sweet and has a completely different texture:

They should have just gone out of business after all.



Seems like they kind of are out of business. Plant 06-935 is Scott Brothers.


Since Brougiere’s hasn’t had their own herd for years, they sourced their milk from the Scott Brothers herd. So, that part wouldn’t be any different, though the bottling might (or might not) be.

They were bottling their own as recently as last June. Scott Brothers probably doesn’t have the equipment for glass bottles or for making eggnog from scratch rather than using a commercial base.

Thanks for the link. I knew they used to bottle on site, but since Brougiere’s seems in a perpetual state of flux, I wasn’t sure what the current status was. I do know they used the Scott herd, so that part is unsurprising.

FWIW, their milk still tastes great (and are still sold in glass bottles)…


Correct; the milk is still in glass bottles. This is only about the Eggnog, which went from the best ever to… nope.


Ack, 2020 throws us yet another curveball…


Normally I’d just be mad, but you know what? Fuck it, I have free time. Broguiere’s stayed in business because of customer feedback, and damnit, I’m going to give them some customer feedback!

I’m going to be calling both Broguiere’s and my Gelson’s dairy manager.


What a good alternative to my egg nog?

Make your own? If you want it to be like store-bought, skip the egg whites and booze. I prefer it that way myself. Alternatively, just use whole eggs in the first step. Some recipes call for vanilla.

Yep. Unfortunately we now have like 50 glass bottles in our pantry because wife wont give me the go-ahead to actually go in the store to drop them off for the deposit :slight_smile:

That’s like 2 Hayato bento boxes worth of milk bottles! Do try and get your money back for those bottles sooner than later. If Broguiere announces their closure (again), the stores won’t take them back anymore.


These used to get me some good weed and grub money back in the day when I was broke. “Oh yeah, I got a shitload of those bottles under the sink.” Side-eye from the Ralphs manager… “yes, they are all mine mf’er”


Mom made her own. I haven’t but it looks relatively easy.

This was the first recipe I ever followed, from Betty Crocker’s Cook Book for Boys and Girls (1957). You could leave out the vanilla and ice.


I enjoy that this seems to suggest the need for a recipe for “cracked ice”

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To crack the ice, drop the cubes into a small plastic bag.
Wrap the bag in a newspaper and pound it with a rolling pin or a hammer.

That cookbook said to wrap the ice in a towel, otherwise same.