Timna (East Village) ... go for the kubaneh, stay for the kubaneh

Much has been written by the press about the Yemenite yeast bread, kubaneh, and rightfully so, at Timna.

The bread comes served in clay flower pot (like something you’d find for sale at Home Depot for $2), and puffs out like a proper chocolate souffle. It comes with crushed tomatoes and tahini, but it’s much better savored on its own.

It’s got the texture of good brioche, a hint of sweetness that reminds one of Hokkaido bread or maybe King’s Hawaiian bread, and is as addictive as Olive Garden’s garlic bread rolls. Probably more addictive.

After feasting on that pot of yeasty goodness, everything else that followed was like doing burnouts in a Prius after trying the ludicrous mode in the Tesla.

Grilled octopus was rubbery, and almost fishy. The Mediterranean sashimi was vapid and oily. The lobster polenta was fine, with the exception of a fried egg that covered the entire dish.

Good place to go in preparation for the NYC Marathon. Easy to carbo-load.

East Village on St. Marks Place

Never been in there. Will be a new taste experience. Has that frites place that blew up with the sushi bar around the corner found a new home? That used to be my favorite carb snack there

If you mean Pomme Frites and Sushi Park, then no, I do not believe so.

I had high hopes for this one since these guys are also the owners of Zizi Limona and the Hummus Kitchen/Place empires. I already made the mistake of sending a group to Timna before trying it myself. They werent too impressed. I may stop by soon, but not in a rush

Did they not like the kubaneh?

That’s the only the thing that tickled my tongue. Quite a bit, in fact.

Everything else tasted like a kick to the nuts. With spiked stilettos.

Thats too bad

Nope they didnt mention the kubaneh so I assume they didnt have it

I may try it anyway. While wearing proper protective gear