Tips for Miami

Hello, @DTLAeater

I am a long time lurker.

I am spending a month in Miami due to work coming from Los Angeles.

Could you share the names of these great restaurants you went to? I’d like to eat well while I am here.

Thank you!

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Bazaar Mar and Alter were two of the better ones. Zuma was good, but definitely a bit more commercial feeling (like Catch for example). Though we didn’t get a chance to try it while staying at my hotel, but consider Pao.

I’m definitely not an expert in Miami, so wouldn’t be surprised if there are far smarter choices in 2018.

Regarding your question about what things incant get in LA, I’d go to Little Havana and get some good cubanos.

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Probably 25 years ago we went to Versailles in Little Havana. It was the place where the hoi-polloi of Cuban American ‘society’ would meet for Sunday lunch. I have no idea if it was ‘authentic’ but I remember liking it a lot.


I really like KYU. There is a upscale donuts place call The Salty Donut, better than the post expansion Sidecar Donuts in Santa Monica. The whole Wynwood area is worth spending a few hours meandering around with its food truck and crazy graffiti wall art scene.

Bumping this one up.

Will be in town for a couple of days next month.

Never been before.

Looking for the following:

  • Little Havana recs
  • Florida Keys recs
  • Maybe one nice dinner


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I have a long layover in Miami on my way to Bahamas. I’m also flying in and out of Miami and driving up to Ft Lauderdale so needed a few kinda quickish recs too. These came from friends not on FTC
Zak The Baker
Boia De
Joe’s Stone Crab still in season

There is a Carbone and Lucali there too.

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Sanguich was a winner! Probably one of the best cubanos I’ve had in a long time.

I wish they slice their pickles thicker and that there was a more equal distribution to contrast the delicious fillings.

That bread is a delight. Super crispy and crunchy. The Swiss cheese melted and oozed out…inside the sandwich was creamy and the bits that hit the panini press turned into frico.

Joe’s Stone Crab

We caught it on the second to the last “fresh” day of the season. They had colossal sized claws which came 2 to an order and the claw was as big as my hand.

We’d never had them fresh before and it was so meaty and delicious. Alone or with the mustard sauce that I spiked with a fresh squeeze of lime.

Also surprisingly good was their coconut shrimp. Giant and perfectly cooked with a coating of coconut that I did not hate. It felt like fresh real coconut instead of those gross flakes at the store.

We also loved their chopped salad. I need to find a copycat recipe for their vinaigrette.

Also found us a Waffle House while we were on our way back from Key West.

We really enjoyed our experience here. Nice waffle, decent breakfast…and those hash browns! We were also struck by how solid the service was. Warm, friendly, efficient.

If someone ever needs a rec in Key West, go to Bagatelle.

Pretty good drinks and a great happy hour. And right on Duval Street a short walk from our hotel.

We hit Opal in Mallory Square for dinner and a great view of the sunset. Great views and a table right along the shoreside. We just had a salad and split a burger and fries. The fries were great. The burger was under seasoned.

Thanks to @NYCtoLA we hit Blue Heaven for key lime pie…which was really good, but felt more like key lime meringue than key lime pie. Also hit Kermit’s and Matthessen’s. I think we liked Kermit’s more.

I couldn’t get reservations for Louie’s Backyard. But we really enjoyed our time in Key West and will likely be back with the chowpups at some point.

Thanks to @js76wisco for the Miami recs!


The Cubano at Sanguich is excellent. Love the toasty crunchy bread and high quality meats. A really well made sandwich. Much better than the Cubano I had at the original Versailles in Miami. This place was hopping at 10:30am. I ordered a cafecito and the lady behind the counter warned me that Cuban coffee is very strong. Small counter with 8-10 seats and 6 two tops. Michelin and Eater rightfully blessed Sanguich.


I can still taste that sandwich in my mind and palate.

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L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon was our favorite meal this year.

Zak the Baker: nothing we tried was impressive. I would even call it “mediocre.”