Tokki (Koreatown): A Pictorial Essay

The best way to approach Tokki is by thinking of it a Korean gastropub. Located in the very popular courtyard in Chapman Plaza (shared by Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong), this newcomer offers delicious, creative Korean-inspired tapas. I found the front-of-house and servers to be delightful and energetic.

Terra Lager… 4.5% ABV, and refreshing indeed, as advertised!

Rosé Tteok (fried rice cakes with rosé gochujang sauce, bacon, enoki mushroom, manchego, perilla leaves)… Beautiful, balanced and delicate. I was blown away by this dish. The rice cakes here offer so much satisfaction in accompanying the marvelously complex sauce. Intentionally meant to be a riff on Italian pasta, this first dish is one of the best bites I’ve had so far in all K-town. Huge bite!

Uni Toast (Santa Barbara uni, artisan bread, smoked trout roe, jang-ah-jji cucumbers)… Palate-pleaser, all the way.

Scallops (brown butter seaweed sauce, pickled ramps, black truffle paté)… Nice. The truffle didn’t overpower the subtlety of the scallops here.

Truffle Kimchi Fried Rice, Miyazaki A5 Wagyu (Premium kyungki-do rice, kimchi, truffle bulgogi, poached egg)… My taste buds were blown away by how great this presentation was. The flavorful crust/socarrat finish on this plate alone is the worth the price of admission. Again, the truffle serves to temper the dish just right. It is a large, generous portion, and re-heats extremely well even the next day. Huge bite!

Dessert time!

Hotteok (deep-fried pastry dough rice cake, pecan ice cream, powdered cacao)… A bougie take on the street favorite. Who doesn’t love freshly fried dough?!

Frozen Milk Tea Butterscotch Panna Cotta… An off-menu surprise, the textures here - creamy, crunchy, gooey - all provided lots of wonder for the mouthfeel of this dessert. Huge bite!

The Nightcap (creamy hazelnut espresso martini, vanilla-infused soju, makgeolli, Aztec chocolate bitters)… Yum.

In its final Soft Open phase, Tokki aims to please both the serious diner as well as the casual bar patron with its friendly service, well-poured drinks and its splendid menu. The only quibble customers might have here is the usually K-town parking situation (I took a ride). Tokki presents a surprise hit in an already jumpin’ K-town night scene.


3465 W. 6th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90020


anyone else try this??

Yes, we went in February.

Rosé Tteokbokki

Dae-chang (Beef Intestine) over Rice with Truffle Kimchi Fried Rice in the background

Limited commentary due to limited time, but we had a pleasant time. We very much enjoyed the intestine and the tteokbokki was unique. An interesting fusion restaurant, though like @tailbacku mentions, not particularly outstanding.


Yes I went recently with a friend and it was completely unremarkable. Not one dish made me want to order it again. The best thing we got was the kimchi fried rice, but it’s pretty hard not to make kimchi fried rice taste good. Service was good and friendly though.

we tried ooe after kinn, it was fine but not compelled to go back. also sergio already left to do her own thing.


Sergio left already?! Ah for Pete’s sake…

she’s doing korean royal cusine. collab’ing with corridor 109 in may.


Good to know so dont think I’ll be going