Tommy’s Beverly Hills

Had dinner at Tomy’s last night. Was actually expecting to eat outside at the Cafe, but that is only open for lunch. The main dining room is beautiful and the feel is somewhat formal with very professional waitstaff. The bar area is separate and very nice as is a small jazz lounge. As for the food, we split Cesar salad which was large and a bit sweet. No anchovies which is a negative to me. Good but not great. The chicken parm was like a piece of art but better to look at than eat. Not close to Dan Tana’s but better than Dear John’s, Also had the pork chop which was in a tomato sauce and not my favorite presentation. Just ok. Drinks were small and expensive. Service was very good. Its early but the room was crowded and the vibe is unique in a more elegant way than most of the rooms in town. Seemed like a very Craig’s type crowd which is to be expected. I will give it another try and at this point reserve judgement. Anxious to hear what others think.


No one else?

Did you think it was worth a repeat visit? I just took a look at the menu. Pricing is a little dear, although perhaps expected for the area. The only menu I’d be willing to fork over $ for is the cafe one, and $24 for a grain bowl w/ no meat is even more expensive than Huckleberry (their grain bowl is DELISH).

The restaurant menu has wagyu pot roast which, per another thread, seems kind of like a waste of expensive meat.

I’m surprised there is no commentary on this place?

This isn’t exactly the place you are going to find a lot of Beverly Hills diners.

I have had the chef’s food a several places (71 Above, Salt Air) and been underwhelmed.

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That’s what I thought too.