Tommy's Taco -- Gayley Hut in Westwood Village

I am posting this to win the “Most trivial post ever” award.

Ok, some of you know me – I like cheap or great value food. And I hope I exercise some discretion about it. But I’m worried about Tommy’s Taco, the hut alongside Fat Sal’s, on the east side of Gayley doors down from In ‘n’ Out. Good hut. Had good and bigger burgers than In ‘n’ Out when their lines were too long. Now I’ve found they do a K-BBQ burrito with rice and kimchi that I really like. I bring it home and slice off 2-inch cylinders and put cheese and salsa and Tapatio on top and broil or nuke…wow, I’ve revealed way too much …

Are they closed?

P.S. – Had a great dinner at Felix last night with my family!


Oh, if anyone is interested in Westwood Village news:

Jose Bernstein’s on Broxton south of Le Conte has closed. That little place that may have lived off of delivery but had been there forever just was gobbled up and gone.

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I’m glad I inspired such incredible interest. :grinning:

Drove by this afternoon about 3 and saw the “open” sign lighted, though no customers…

You made me look them up on yelp. Their website is down though. The pics of that burrito looks interesting, might have to try one soon.

Aren’t answering their phone…