Tony Gemignani's pizza franchise comes to SoCal

Im a big fan of Tony G…his Tony’s Pizza Napoletana in SF’s North Beach has served me great Napoletana pies whenever Ive been there since he opened in '09? I do think it can be overwhelming when youre a “newbie” and you try and make sense of all the styles he offers but for me, it’s great pizza!
He has expanded considerably and now has locations in Vegas, Sacramento as well as in sports stadiums…fairly amazing as a pizza entrepreneur…his newest venture is franchising and if opening day is any indication,

the new new Slice House in 1000 Oaks will be a big success in the area…
I tried a Sicilian slice, a grandma slice and a NY style pie with sausage…the square slices are obviously thicker but the crusts were light & airy with just the right amount of crunch & chew…I was there before they opened on Friday and they were turning people away…saturday must’ve been insane…all in all a very positive development for the north valley…locations are coming to Woodland Hills, Pasadena, Sherman Oaks and Santa Clarita…crazy huh?

wish you all buona fortuna!!! good luck Michael Margott


If they open in Santa Clarita this will immediately become the best pizza in the 661.


Looks great. They are franchising and I often think about how great it would be if somebody franchises one in Brea or Yorba Linda. My wife won’t let me even email them and get more info.


I went last week and it was a packed house, plus Tony was making a lot of the pizzas/overseeing production. I hope it can maintain quality in the coming weeks. I’ll check in again but so far it’s basically as good as Pizza Rock but without the big dining room. It’s more of a takeout/casual spot (oh and no wood-fired pizza which is fine by me since I prefer other styles)


Was he actually there for the opening? They’re expanding really fast. Santa Clarita’s on the list.

The one I went to in Walnut Creek was good but not memorable or someplace I’m in any hurry to go back to. But there are lots of great independent pizza places around here.

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yessir and they ran out of dough on Saturday.

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exactly…stay consistent! we need as many excellent slice pizzerias as possible! and yes, they are coming to Santa Clarita!


thats great news!

yes, Tony was there for the opening!

I enjoy Pizza Rock in Vegas, but don’t often find myself downtown.

We like how it’s possible for one place to pump out pizzas of various styles successfully.

I hope this venture is fruitful.


Wish there was one closer to South Bay would love to try all different pizzas in one spot.


theyre coming to Santa Clarita

Sounds delicious, but I always worry when I hear about such aggressive expansion…

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The company is focused on quality. It’s an open question whether they can stop franchisees from using inferior ingredients, untrained staff, and other things that would degrade the brand.


yes, but Tony’s slogan, "Respect the Craft! will hopefully ensure the quality…! and I will personally try them all and keep him posted about any sluggards! haha!

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