Top Chef season 16: Kentucky

Read Vince Mancini’s Top Chef weekly power rankings, they’re hilarious.


Thanks for sharing! This was hilarious.


I thought it was bizarre that Michelle thought that braising ribs for any amount of time would result in a char.

I thought it was stupid that given the challenge and constraints, she still wanted to do ribs even though it would be nothing like how she does them at home.

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Maybe she was burned out and couldn’t think straight. It’s not 100% clear from the editing but it seems like day after day of that stuff.

I honestly kept waiting for her to bring out a blowtorch to finish then off and dry/char them up a bit. Worth a try.

I agree with your later note that she was probably a bit worn out and that that may have affected her decision making.

And some folks have felt that the reason the last chance kitchen folks who make it back do so well is not just that, hey, they have proven their chops in beating folks out but also, they’ve had more time to rest then the folks who have been in the competition the whole time. So they are fresher, stronger and can make better decisions.

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Wow. Cruelly funny. Thanks for posting!

And hey! He brought up a blowtorch too! (I read this after I made my comment.)

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Last Chance Kitchen has had a lot of the best stuff this season.

The Bravo channel on Roku streams LCK with fewer problems than some of the other options I’ve tried.


We’ve made it to the finale episodes, and I am not thrilled with any of the chefs. It all seems so unexciting this season. I don’t have a favorite going into it…and I might not even care who wins, but I’m already vested so I’m going to finish the season.

I agree that this season did not have big drama or big surprises- but I too am vested and am going to finish it out!

As I did catering work for a while, I have a soft spot for Kelsey who when, doing the boat challenge, talked about buying extra and prepping extra because when you are working offsite - something is always going to go wrong. That’s what my boss espoused as well, so she gets points : )

I do think our final four are all truly competent, so at least there is that!

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It must say something about my level of engagement that I can’t remember who lost last week and don’t care enough to look it up.


I get that.

I will say that this weeks winner made me laugh and be happy - but possibly because of my personal connection to the dish.

That was a very clever dish.

At least in this challenge each of them had a strong culinary heritage to draw on. Those challenges are really unfair to people who don’t.

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Hugh Acheson has a very interesting interview with Kelsey (recorded before the finale aired) that gives a bit of extra insight to the whole process. 45 minutes, a nice listen while you drive or putter in the garden. Kelsey is interview #2.