Top Dog LA

OK, well I’m sure others disagree but here are my favorites:

Top dogs:

  1. Marty’s Vienna beef dog with bacon cheese and grilled onions peppers and habenero sauce
  2. Carney’s dog with the red kraut and onions
  3. Pinks jalapeno chili cheese dog (with jalapenos in the dog)
  4. Nate n Al’s dogs with baked beans to go on top in the bun
  5. Oki’s dog – something about that chili is so good maybe it has a bit of japanese curry in it
    Honorable Mentions:Okonomi dog at Japadog on Pier; Hebrew National corndog at Hotdog on a Stick at Pier; Portillos’s Buena Park Chicago Dog

Top dog pounds:

  1. Carneys Sunset
  2. Oki’s Dog on Pico
  3. Japadog on Pier
  4. Marty’s on Pico
  5. Skooby’s on Hollywood

Top dogs to be adopted and taken home (ie, sold by lb; not mail order):

  1. Carney’s
  2. European Deluxe Sausage Kitchen veal weiners
    3, Nate n Als, own custom made dogs
  3. Boar’s Head / Ralphs etc
  4. nathan’s skin on dogs – haven’t seen em recently

Top dogs to be imported by mail, well just one recent favorite…
Rodepolser and Grillpolser (Danish hotdogs)

OK, so which are your favorite dogs?

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Snoop Dogg.

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I can’t believe that you left out the top dogs in a blanket that you can pull out of the freezer category.


Yeah, best pups no doubt – going to go well with a Colts beatdown this Sunday.

not a fan of the wrapper

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carney’s chili dog.

portillo’s Chicago dog.

but my favoritres are long gone and that ain’t no fucking joke:

WF in Sherman oaks.


Rubin’s Red Hots in Sherman Oaks.

the fucking hot dog on a stick near the santa monica pier employs Hebrew National tube steaks for their eponymous corn dogs ??? really ??? I never knew that. just that fucking location ???

thanks man.

it’s on the menu for a buck more or something

im hoping for return of tail o the pup someday, but doubt it would ever be the same…

  • larry’s chiili dog in burbank is surprisingly legit but also surprisingly expensive for a hot dog shack
  • the normal boback hot dog @ 25 degrees hollywood is my favorite $9 hot dog
  • concur with chili cheese dogs from oki dog (and only the chili cheese dogs)
  • $1.62 hot dogs from costco all day
  • somehow, I had a godly corndog from weinerschnitzel the other day. And only $1.19.
  • i would love Fab’s more if they opened up a location in LA proper

thanks ns–haven’t had your top 2 there will give em a shot…related note, i drive by that dog haus spot in burbank when i go up there for work…is that achi-ya or niche-niche? i like your considerations generally of good deals and price too.

Roll with it…


Well, I asked for something to eat
I’m hungry as a hog
So I get brown rice, seaweed
And a dirty hot dog
I’ve got a hole
Where my stomach disappeared
Then you ask why I don’t live here
Honey, I got to think you’re really weird

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i second larrys, although ive never noticed theyre expensive. and they have that great jamaican hot ginger beer.

i wish fabs was closer, too. and its nowhere near the freeway, and every time i make the effort its like a 100 degrees and theres a line out the door.

There was no ranking in that list btw, just an assortment of meat of tube form that I enjoy.

I am personally not a fan of king’s Hawaiian as a bun for most of dog haus’ hot dogs; unfortunately the use of king’s hawaiian is their “thing”. Personally I find most of their items to lack any sort of real texture - it’s just soft soft soft. And last time I got a kraut dog there so much of the kraut juice leaked onto the king’s hawaiian that it disintegrated halfway through. I don’t want to kraut dog to be a knife and fork affair y’know?

But their tater tots are real good (fab level, except w/o the garlic option), the PBR is cheap, and I can walk there from my work. So I DO go there every once in a while - I actually like their burgers much more than their dogs, but the same textural problems arise if the bun is not toasted enough/you don’t eat your burger fast enough.

What do I know though, they’re always fucking busy. $6-8 for the dog/burger, I think they have a tot and drink combo for +$4.

not a fan of king’s hawaiian either…i also like a dog i can eat with my hands. ill have to try the tots u mention. That spot in the farmers market fritzies has bad dogs but good tots too, but the dogs and tots i am hot to try are those at belly and snout with oxtails or Filipino pork on top. positive reviews from other f’kers.

Actually, some would argue that “Subterranean Homesick Blues” off that same LP was an early rap song.

I don’t disagree with you…but, keeping with the series…

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I like this. Just don’t go Perry Como on me (“Hot Diggity, Dog Diggity”).