Tori! Tory! Toré!

had an incredible experience and some of the best yakitori I’ve ever had from photographer/writer and yakitori enthusiast dylan james ho of tori! tory! toré!

Dylan has eaten at hundreds of yakitoriyas throughout Japan and is completely self taught and has been honing his technique for the past three years.

tori! tory! toré! (an ode to one of dylan’s favorite r&b groupss, Toni! Tony! Toné) is a private yakitori dining experience at your own home. the host provides the drinks, outdoor space and seating and dylan and his team provides the rest.

there’s an 8 person minimum and 15 person max, it’s 200pp with the option to add A5 wagyu, uni, or amish chicken from pennsylvania. we added the amish chicken for an extra 20pp

special thanks to @hppzz and kim for the hospitality and hosting this event.

kyuri キュウリ

nice refreshing starter

soup 鳥スープ

intense chicken-y broth from all the chicken carcasses with chicken wontons and tokyo negi. highlight.

sasami (tenders)

loved the use of nori here. the tender was cooked with some of dylan’s excellent tare.

shiitake 椎茸

umami on a stick, I think this was cooked with schmaltz.

hatsu (hearts) ハツ

three different hearts all in one stick. special heart with all the ventricles and arteries at the bottom. skewer of the night?

teba x3 (wings/flats/drum)

fish sauce caramel drums. not too salty and perfect balance of sweet, salt and heat. > pok pok fish sauce wings. highlight.

that skin tent :heart_eyes:

okra オクラ

high heat = no slime

kashira (pork jowls) かしら

another skewer of the night. jowl can be way too rich but dylan’s didn’t taste overly fatty, negi was a nice complement.

mune shiso (breast shiso)

Dylan tried this out on us for the first time and damn another winner. that amish breast was perfectly cooked and was just elevated by the shiso and that slice of japanese processed cheese. skewer of the night.

tofu 有馬豆腐

Dylan’s play on mapo tofu with meiji tofu and ground chicken. highlight.

uzura (quail eggs) うずら

I think these were cooked for exactly 2 minutes and 20 seconds and then smoked with some rice straw. delicious.

kashiwa (thigh) かしわ

wow, okay this is the skewer of the night. this was made out of skin, thigh, oysters, and inner thigh with a bit of yuzu kosho and had so many incredible textures and flavors, crisp, smoke, snap, fatty, soft… highlight.

zucchini ズッキーニ

more umami, loved the grated pecorino on top.

tsukune (chx meatball) ハノイのつくね

possibly the best tsukune I’ve ever had. texture was incredibly soft with bits of texture and that egg yolk sauce is drinkable. highlight.

the chicken and egg

yamaimo (mtn. yam)

great crunch and flavor from some miso

momo (thigh steak)

chicken steaks with some vietnamese scallion oil. delicious. highlight.

bonus rounds

wings with curry salt

fish sauce caramel wing tips

just the tip

delicious homemade tofu pudding with ginger syrup courtesy of @hppzz



Wow this looks amazing


tori! tory! toré! has done it again!


Feels Good to eat yakitori
It Nevers Rain (In @hppzz’s house)
(Lay Your Head on Dylan’s) Bincho

Sad I missed out on this though :sob:


The one time you decided NOT to cheat. Hope those other cheat meals were worth it :joy:


So many candidates for skewer of the night. All I know was that there were lots ohhhs and ahhhs with each round. Love that he considers each host and adjusts the menu so it’s never the same for any two host. The fish sauce wings and thigh with scallion oil, both influences from Vietnamese cuisine, we’re both huge bites.

Also for those interested, the cost includes servers and addition wing man/women. Super professional staff. They help to serve drinks desserts and of course clean up.



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WTF!!! Genius :heart_eyes:.

Dang @hppzz :clap:


Looks so great.

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tried to book this a few weeks ago for a friend’s bday party next week. But he doesn’t do back to back dinners =(.

What do you mean by back to back dinners? Like two services on the same night?

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two services on back to back nights. he wouldn’t have time to prep for the second dinner.


thanks to @NYCtoLA for another fun and delicious dinner.

great influencer
is spotted in the wild
fee sixty-nine cents

these amish :chicken: :oyster: are :sweat_drops: