Toridokoro Raku

We all love Raku but Chef Endo opened up another robata grill last year, Toridokoro Raku, at the height of the pandemic that’s focused on chicken about a mile down Raku on W Flamingo Rd.

And yes…this restaurant uses 100% organic chicken that’s raised until six months old from LA so I drove to Las Vegas to eat LA chicken.

With the exception of a few items that I didn’t care for like the appetizer set, foie with duck, wings, juicy chicken, and beyond onion…everything was cooked well. But I do prefer the OG Raku more for its variety of items offered on the menu and their nightly specials like sashimi that this restaurant lacks. With that said, I thoroughly enjoyed the range of flavor and texture coaxed from chicken tonight.

Highlights :heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart::

  • Anything that’s chicken off of the robata grill menu except for wings
  • mango pudding
  • popcorn chicken cartilage
  • grilled mochi

Sergio in da house but didn’t grill anything


seaweed jelly in a chicken and vinegar broth

appetizer set

sea cucumber

burrata, balsamic, sun-dried tomato, shaved karasumi

buckwheat mochi tempura

chicken breast in soy glaze


chicken gizzard

chicken cartilege

popcorn chicken cartilege

chicken skin

chicken tail

chicken heart

chicken thigh

egg omelet

grilled mochi

chicken lung

chicken kidney

chicken liver

chicken oyster

juicy chicken - these breasts can be more juicy for sure but nice nutty flavor with a bit of mala spice

chicken wing - a bit dry and rubbery

foie gras and duck - duck is chewy and also a bit dry…the buttery foie couldn’t save it

beyond onion - sweet, salty, and soft but still got a bit of meatiness to it…it’s onion that’s baked for 14 hours in the oven and finished on the grill. it’s interest but i’m not crazy about it.

“mango pudding” - it’s actually a multilayered dessert with sweet mango jelly atop a creamy layer of panna cotta and mango mousse at the bottom


Great photos. The chicken oysters look :yum:

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Anything oyster’s an automatic highlight.

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