Torien (Torishiki's NYC expansion) - LES

Thanks @BradFord for the tip on Torishiki. More info on the 2019 planned opening


Yes, fucking fantastic news!

I was not the first one to break the news about Torien, however, but was glad to share it with the board. (However, I don’t know if any news outlet has discussed Sushi no Yoshino’s impending move, about which the press has been curiously silent given the timeline).

Anyway, I wish food journalism would really get away with discussing price so much, as if “Japan’s $150 Chicken Skewers” is really what Ikegawa’s food is about. What a banal descriptor. Step up your game, please, food journalists, and please note that while price can certainly be important information, it’s really a disservice to relegate a restaurant based on a sheer number. It’s also misleading - each skewer is not $150 - and it reeks of piss poor clickbait. Price is important - but discuss it discreetly, or in footnotes, or something, it doesn’t have to be front and center, especially when it’s really not something anyone talks about with Ikegawa’s food.


It sounds like a June opening, with the chef being Yoshiteru Maekawa, who currently is at Torioka (Ikegawa-san’s Roppongi location).


I just saw this because of the update. I just wish every menu, online and otherwise, gave prices. My googling skills are outstanding :smile: