Toro tartare

Where you would you go for it on the current fucking scene ???

Obviously the usual provisos apply here. Price no object in this particular case. ANd it helps if it’s topped with mound of fucking beluga.

Thanks guys.

Ask them to do it at Petrossian

I would ask Urasawa-san to make a hand roll with toro tartare. This springs to my mind because one time I asked Chef masa in NYC to make me a hand roll and he made one with wagyu tartare, and it was amazingly good.

I still think it’s prepared best at the tempura bar/private room at Matsuhisa (flagship on La Cienega). It comes topped with a generous dollop of caviar in a slightly chilled bowl - Perfect temperature, consistency, fattiness, brininess, and caviar-to-otoro ratio = Heaven on Earth.

But BK???

He must have a patron - like Mozart.

Just living very fucking vicariously.