Toronto : under the radar, relatively cheap and tasty stuff

Anyone have any new finds, or old favourites that don’t get enough love or traffic?

Bakeries, stores, hole in the walls, mom & pop restos, etc.

I’ll post my new finds and old favourites here.

Just had lunch today at Udupi Palace in little India. Dhosas were great as always!

Hey Prima, I was down at Queen W. and Spadina ish the last few days. And with Toronto Life’s food lovers guide for 2016 in hand, I tried Kanga and Kekou.

Kanga is a meat pie shop on Duncan Street just off Queen W. Had the traditional aussie which had a flavourful minced meat (beef) filling with a lovely flaky crust. Pies were around $7. They also have frozen in a box of 6 ($24 if I recall correctly).

Kekou is literally right next to Banh Mi Boys on Queen West and sell gelato made in house. I had lunch at Banh Mi Boys and then walked next door for dessert. =D The gelato flavours have an Asian spin…I had 2 flavorus - the soursop and the salted pineapple. I preferred the soursop, it just had more punch and was a little sweeter. Other flavours there were Vietnamese coffee, durian, whiskey green tea…black sesame and HK style milk tea. I did find the texture was different from regular “store” ice cream but their website says this is due to them not using stabilizers. A small cup costs about $4.

Enjoy! And happy chowing! =)