Tortas Chilangas

I stopped by a new tortas chilangas place on Cesar Chavez and Townsend in front of a coin op in East LA.

I think it’s associated with this instagram but a little hard to tell since the account is new and there isn’t really information besides the location.

At first I thought they didn’t have a cubana but it’s on the menu that forms the back of the tent.

They have slightly different options/names from what I’ve seen elsewhere but I tried the Rusa and the Cubana which has ALL the ingredients as advertised. Rusa was $10 and the Cubana was $15 and it may actually be 1.5x the mass.

It’s hard to give a good idea of the heft of these things even if you’ve had one before. They span the full diameter of a dinner plate and are taller than a rocks glass.

To be honest, the cubana’s not my favorite type of torta chilanga but it’s definitely worth trying here. Both times I went it was cooked to order (as you’d expect) and I was out of there in about 15 minutes or less. I’m leaning towards the Texana for next round.


Generally if I’m getting a torta if they have pina I ask them to add it. I find most of df style tortas to be too heavy and greasy without some type of counterbalance. At tortas df I get rusa and ask them to add pina plus some additional pickled peppers/carrots.

And I agree the largest con todo torta is usually not the best just a huge, hard to eat monstrosity.


I like the Argentina at Super Tortas DF so I was a little disappointed they don’t have chorizo at this joint. Pineapple’s a great idea!

Hah, I think the first time I saw one it was like a Dagwood sandwich IRL. Rewarding from a lizard brain perspective but also an extravagance I literally can’t get my head around.


Any idea on the hours? I can’t seem to find them.

I don’t know, either! That’s why I found their instagram but the information is very minimal. They seem to be open on Mondays (which is a little unusual) and on both weekdays I went it was around 7PM-8PM but we also saw it on the weekend during the day…?