Tortilleria Flor De Mexicali

Last time I went to visit my grandma in Santa Ana, someone told us to go by Tortilleria Flor De Mexicali. We did. Everything looked and smelled great!

The chicarrones were delicious! And we got carnitas to have for dinner at my parents in Irvine. Fantastic carnitas!! Great salsa. And enjoyed the tortillas for a quite a few days back home. We also had the carnitas the next night at home, and still very good.

There is no place to eat in the shop.


I’m assuming home made tortillas given the name. How were they?

They were great. Thinner than the handmade ones we got from Los Reyes Del Elotes, but superfresh and delicious. We had them reheated for days. They might have gotten a little more dry as days went by than the regular store bought, but I’m not sure now.

I can’t say I’m a tortilla connoisseur by any means, but they were fantastic with the carnitas the day we bought them.