Toups Meatery in Mid-City NOLA

So Toups just opened Toups South but I preferred the menu at Toups Meatery so decided to try there. The restaurant is very casual and feels like a neighborhood joint. We ordered a lot of plates, much more than we could eat. A few dishes were stand-out and I’ll start with those.
The headcheese here is like none I’ve ever tasted, very creamy and rich! They put parmesan cheese in it. I wish I lived nearby so I could come get this once a week! The gelee they serve with it was excellent! Even the pickles were delicious.

The deviled eggs were also superb.

The meat on the cracklins was dry, so I just ate the skin and fat! Okay with me, but I have a friend that gives me the cracklins when she renders her own lard, so I know how good they can be when done perfectly!

The salad was very good! I think they split it so this is a half portion.

We got the Goat BBQ which didn’t taste goaty enough for me - could have been pork. The sauce was very good, though, super thick, almost like a caramel.

Glad I tried Toups Meatery! Would go back!

omg, I think we ate this, also, there! Quail. It was delicious! I did already say we ordered much more than we could eat…

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