Trader Joe's at USC is now open

According to a neighbor who works at 'SC, the Trader Joes is now open. There goes the neighborhood.

It was a freaking madhouse. Workers in leis, woman and children screaming, crowds in mirthful delirium.

That whole village is pretty cool, however.


Someone said, (and I think it was here), that USC‘s Trader Joe’s was the least performing store among all of them. The theory being the small amount each ring produces. I can’t seem to find the post by searching FTC. As a public service for that person I present a photo of the end of the line…

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I’m guessing it’s more seasonal than other TJ’s. I’ve been there when USC is out of session and it’s nothing like that.

One of the few TJ’s where parking isn’t a problem though

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And their electric car plugs work now!!!