Transformation Of Hong Kong BBQ (formerly the original Sam Woo BBQ in Chinatown)

For those of you who believe Yelp (and I’m not one of them– Hong Kong BBQ in Chinatown, which mysteriously changed its name from Sam Woo BBQ about a decade ago, is one of the elite Chinese restaurants within the city of Los Angeles. But while it’s not really elite, it’s good enough for us such that we drop by every once in a while when we don’t feel like (or don’t have the time to) drive out to the San Gabriel Valley. However while the food is decent, the facilities were run down and probably prevented them from gaining a wider audience. Imagine my surprise when making my first visit of the year when I saw all the physical improvements. Actually my first thought was wondering whether the dining room had been enlarged, though that’s not physically possible. Then I realized all the frayed posters depicting their special dishes were no longer on the walls and that the entire restaurant had received a spiffy paint job and the interior was actually nice. We saw newly printed menus, brand new plates, bowls and serving dishes. The restrooms were totally remodeled and clean, and most shockingly they now had business cards and was no longer cash only (which I regrettably noticed only after I had paid). The bbq takeout area even had a nicely lit menu board. I guess with all the hipsters patronizing Chinatown these days, they wanted in on the action. And since I always thought the food was good enough for Chinatown, I invite all of you hipsters down to check out the new Hong Kong BBQ facilities at 803 N. Broadway.

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Didn’t the remodel occur last year? Around April or May 2017?

Or was there another remodel after that?

And while your at it I invite all the hipsters to Jade Wok for some solid canto food at a good price. If I want to fill up before a game/event it is one of my go-to. Choy Sum or A-Choy, Shrimp and Scrambled Egg, Steam Pork Patty, House Special Tofu. The only thing is no “old fire” soup.

Bang bang your Burgerlords with New Dragon’s Wonton Noodle Soup.

We were there a couple of times last fall and it was still divey.