Trap Kitchen

Is this for real?

Is this for real?

What do you mean?

Apparently so.

52K IG followers “real”:

old story tho: Meet the Crip and Piru Chefs Behind Compton's Underground Restaurant

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  1. awesome article
  2. awesome hustle
  3. WTF food? I don’t understand. Then again, I’m sure I’m not their target market.

in case you’re all tired of waiting for the Model3 ressies to arrive, vice shot a really fantastic short explaining the story behind the (sometimes crappy) words:


Vaporware. I think what was shown were full-scale models. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very interesting story and business, on multiple levels…

Informative. Kendrick’s getting married? When’s that?

That whole Noisey Episode 1 was dope. Essential watching for LA. Good for Trap.

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