Travis Lett of Gjusta on the Art of the Sandwich


At first i thought travis was leaving gjusta

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Great article. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile: It reminds me I have to get their Tuna Conserva sandwich again. So good! :slight_smile:

At first i thought travis was leaving gjusta

Me, too, lol!

Seriously, though, very interesting article. I’m not at all surprised to learn Lett hails from the East Coast. Gjusta does some of the best approximations of classics like Chicken Parm and Roast Pork Italian that I’ve had outside of there. Great pizza, too.

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Just split Gjusta’s falafel sandwich and chicken parmesan sandwich. Chased it with their cheeseburger. I’m only one person, but to me, each of these sandwiches/burgers were perfect examples of why Travis was chosen for this article. Each was so frickin’ delicious and unique.


Holy cow… you chased a chicken parm, and a falafel with a cheeseburger??? Did you do a like 50 mil bike ride there and back?!

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“bulavinaka had half a falafel sandwich and about half a chicken parmesan sandwich. How much actual sandwich in volume did he consume?”

C’mon Aesthete - a sandwich and a burger or its equivalent is minimum a typical night for you, isn’t it? haha

I like this article. And I like “the rule of three”. I like perfected simplicity.