Trois Familia Menu Up - Opens tomorrow

Ludo, Jon & Vinnie’s Trois Familia open’s tomorrow in Silver Lake. Here is their very affordable breakfast & lunch menu at this link…enjoy

The real price is going to be the 2 hour line.

Having said that, I’m now on taskrabbit as a “food line whore”, and will happily wait in the BS 2 hour line for you at the low-low price of $25/hr. I take all major CC’s and paypal.


Thanks man.

Decor is kitsch and way too literal in its references (not even in an ironic way)…BUT affordable “French Mexican” breakfast might be a good thing. Lunch menu is “eclectic” as ever (my euphemism for the menu sounding somewhat of a clusterf**k overall) - beef tartare tostada, turkey sandwich, avocado sushi rice?..breakfast sounds much better. Anyway, props to them for venturing into a new concept and expanding their reach, and hey, maybe they can pull it off. I personally don’t really like any of their restaurants - Trois Mec is the epitome of trend/hype-driven/predictable style over substance for me, Son of a Gun rather overrated, Petit Trois and Animal not my style though you can certainly have a pretty good meal if you order right. With that said I’ve never been to nor do I have any interest at all in Jon & Vinny’s. But, no doubt this will be popular. For a foodie scenester, what could be more of a menage a trois than being one of the first diners at the new “Trois” opening, listening to MGMT and its ilk at Coachella, and copping the new fast fashion x high street designer collabo du jour? Jk, I’ll reserve judgment on the acutal food and restaurant until I’ve actually tried a few dishes and given it a fair chance. But that’ll be for breakfast (only the beans and squash sound mildly interesting for lunch…). 'Till then, I’ll just concede that at the moment the Trois and I don’t really jive; I just prefer a very different style of food / restaurant.


Petit Trois serves ultra-traditional classic French cafe and bistro dishes. It’s exactly the kind of place I’d expect someone who hates the group’s other places to like.

As I mentioned, order right and you can have an enjoyable meal there. At PT, it’s not the food that’s irksome - in fact, the tartare, eggs, etc. are good - it’s the total restaurant experience, the pretension, the gimmick / marketing, the service-charge yet additional tip line (as opposed to included in prices), etc. All of these are minor, petty annoyances which, in the aggregate, I don’t care to deal with. Though, I’m not opposed to eating there if a friend wants to go; I’m just not one to venture there on my own often. When I want unfussy French bistro fare, I tend to prefer Church & State.

I have yet to have a bad dish at Animal


Totally agree…in fact it gets better each time I go.

I know many people who like it and like it very much. On the whole, it’s just not really my style of menu, even if like I said, I can select a few dishes that I’d be happy with. The menu’s ethos tends to veer a little too rich and overwrought at times for my personal tastes. Though some of it can be delicious, it’s just not a place that I really care to go often and make arrangements to brave the crowds. I found that I was quite excited by it early on, say 2008/2009, but as my tastes changed, I don’t really jive with it anymore. With that said, I know it certainly has its fans, and I can see the appeal; it’s just not really my type of dining. But if it’s getting better or has evolved, then maybe I should revisit as it’s been a while…

I’m with you @markambrose73. After the 8th visit or so and trying every dish on the menu at Animal I still didn’t get the hype. It was good but not great. And certain dishes were just mediocre. The ribs were pretty disappointing, and this is no hyperbole, no better than one you’d find at a chain restaurant. As you mentioned the place is too rich and heavy handed for my tastes.

Just curious, what are some of your favorite restaurants ?

In California? Saison, Restaurant at Meadowood, Connie & Ted’s, Mori Sushi, Sushi Yoshizumi, Koi Palace, Din Tai Fung, Cotogna, Kiraku, Torihei, off the top of my head. And many others. For various reasons. These are go-to’s, where I know and jive with their ethos, the food, the people, etc. and I’m always excited by these places each time.

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which chain restaurant is doling the trois mac grub

Intersting. I would also list Mori, Cotogna, Torihei, Koi Palace (for dinner, dim sum has dropped off a bit) and Connie & Ted’s as some of my favorites.


Morbidly curious and not pushing back (although I do love Animal), why would you go 8 times then?

Brothers from another mother…

Went with different people( friends who haven’t been, family, etc.) Wondering why everyone else was gaga over it. Trying every dish on the menu. Everything except the foie biscuits and gravy I felt like I had a better version somewhere else (eg. Momofuku Ssam, Cochon, etc).

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Do you go to Koi Palace with a regular? Those people are assholes.

That’s the biggest problem with Koi Palace Daly City since they opened. Your service will depend on your regular status, and if you are a VIP, then it will be better (by how much I don’t know). Even if you plunk down a serious sum, if you go on the weekend for dinner, be prepared to be rushed where the pacing is hectic and plates may stack on top of another before you finish (which is a huge no no if you are dining with a elderly Cantonese type person who is not Americanized). Not very professional and shouldn’t even be on any Michelin or bottled soda water lists.

This is why most of the Hong Kong expats in the know, go to Yum’s Bistro in Fremont instead. The freelance food and wine writer (Ronald Mar) for the Sing Tao local Chinese newspaper, hosted a dinner there for the executive chef Corey Lee and master sommelier Yoon Ha of Benu last year in March (our table was right next to theirs). Quite a sight that was…

or just hit up fucking Jai Yun, my favorite