Trois Mec Fri 8/12 6:30pm 4 tickets

I would love to go but change of plans. I can transfer/sell my tickets officially via the Tock website, face value $437.31.

I wonder what the menu is now.

I haven’t been in a year so I’m sure it’s quite different now. Anyone who’s been recently please feel free to chime in.

Here’s the Trois Mec FAQ for individuals with interest in my tickets:

These tickets sold out fast, within the first few minutes. I’m surprised there isn’t any interest here.

Trois Mec is a very “hip” place to dine… but my meals there were not remotely worth the hassle and price in the past.

With no preview of the menu, an option to walk in after 9:30 if you are so inclined, and the fact that most of the people here don’t seem to dine in groups…this is probably not the best place to sell them, but I kind of wonder where is.

Your situation is precisely why I hate ticketing systems and rarely use them.

Sorry about that.

Many of us FTCers have either “Been there, done that” syndrome, or are more interested in the elusive quetzal-yuzukosho biryani being served for $3.75 out of some abuelita’s impromptu backyard cart in Lynwood, prepared to order only on the fifth Tuesday of February of each leap year ending with the number 3.

Oh, and you can (as Aesthete has pointed out) simply try your luck and walk-in to score a seat at Trois Mec these day as well.


great, you had to go and mention it. now it’s officially over and so 2016 an hour ago.


Maybe you should consider giving them to someone as a gift - Bday, early Xmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza?

Question: Can they be split up?

No, unfortunately there’s no flexibility with these tickets. Must remain party of 4.

This really sums up the massive problem with them huh? Maybe get 4 of your single friends together and sell them as an interesting mixer type event?

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That’s a cool idea.

Any takers at $400?

I have tickets to Hollywood bowl and would have traded them for this. My tickets are about 1/2 price of yours, and that’s about what I value yours at :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad you were able to flip them.

Are you taking “or best offers” yet? Alternatively, if you want to donate it to a non-profit for tax purposes, I know a guy.



contact me at weezal21 at yahoo dot com