Trokay - Truckee

After hearing about this place for some time, last month we finally had the occasion to go.

Actually part of what I heard was from someone who loved the place (and lives nearby) and suggested that if we are still hungry after dinner, to go meet him for pizza. Based upon this comment (made many more times than once, after he had the tasting menu), I suggested to our hosts that we not have the tasting menu and order several courses a la carte. Between the 4 of us, we had a lovely selection of a fish crudo, seared foie gras, pork, and several more dishes. We each ordered 3. Everything was very good to excellent. Attentive and comfortable service, and not any issue that we didn’t order the either of the tasting menus (which seems to be the popular thing to do).

I would not hesitate to return, if I was anywhere in the area. Not a 5 hour round-trip drive worthy, but worthy nonetheless.