Trying to make wine vinegar at home

I did a lot of research online before I tried making wine vinegar & I thought I understood… I started with a bottle of fairly inexpensive red wine (tasted ok) & some Braggs cider vinegar. From what I read, this should work as the vinegar isn’t pasteurized & contains live acetobacter bacteria necessary to convert the alcohol in the wine into vinegar.

Poured the wine & Braggs (750 ml wine to about 1 cup of vinegar) into a gallon glass jar, put cheesecloth over the top secured with a rubber band & put the jar in a closet as was suggested on a couple of vinegar making websites.

Last Wednesday I thought it smelled pretty vinegary, but not in a good way… I took it out & tasted a bit. Not tasty, but definitely vinegary. So I strained it out into an empty wine bottle, corked it & stuck it back in the closet…

So if the flavor doesn’t improve, it will go down the drain. I’ll try again! Maybe with a purchased “mother” next time… Or I’d be most appreciative If anyone has a “mother” they’d be willing to share & you’re in the SF Bay Area (Menlo Park).

Has anyone out there had wine vinegar making success?