Tsujita ***

Tsujita Glendale

Met a friend for an early lunch at Din Tai Fung this morning.

After popping into Sur La Table to buy a new coffee brewer [Bonavita], I noticed that a new Tsujita is set to open any day in the Americana at Brand. That was news to me, wasn’t sure y’all knew.

It’s right across the street from Egg Slut, next door to Shake Shake all of which I was aware and are also opening any day now. Glendale is popping.


We were in the Americana recently. I hadn’t been to Glendale in years. Unbelievable. They are definitely giving the Beverly-Grove area (premium sushi dead zone) a run for it’s money. Now Tsujita! Seriously jealous.


Any day? That would be great for an Eastsider. Their website says Winter 2016 and Americana says Fall 2016. Hope that’s wrong.

A cancelled CraigsList employment posting says November.