Tsukiji Market: Best Seafood Oyakodon Ever

So good I had to make a separate post for this guy.

A tiny stand in the last row of the Tsukiji market. The space is large enough for him and his assistant (wife?).

He carefully crafts each oyakodon to order and takes about 5 minutes an order. He cut each piece of fish for my order with the precision of a sushi chef. He carefully cooks each piece until it is perfect. I saw him remove a piece of fish that had finished cooking earlier than the other pieces and put it back in when the other pieces are similarly done. He adds the egg and watches it carefully. When the time is perfect he stirs it with thick blunt chopsticks and swirls the mixture until it is the perfect runny consistency of a properly prepared french omelet and adds it to the bowl of rice.

The chef is friendly and proud of his craft. He points out he uses black salt so the egg is fluffier. The tea he serves is top quality. Essentially this is a Michelin 1* chef cooking in his little corner at the Tsukiji market.

Find him if you can. You won’t regret it.