Tumaca Truck (DTLA - Arts District)

I’m generally not a big fan of food trucks, or just trucks in general (but that’s a digression for another message board).

But Tumaca Truck, roaming in/around DTLA-Arts District and Silver Lake and Los Feliz is a true gem. They specialize in Spanish fare, and in particular Spanish sandwiches.

I haven’t been able to try all of their offerings, but if the Serrano Ham sandwich I tried is indicative of their other offerings, then there might not be a “bad” get on their menu. The thinly sliced Serrano was a succulent mix of sweet, salty and bitter. Paired with the bitterness from the arugula and the almost syrupy caramelized onions, the entire package was the perfect filling for the Bub’s and Grandam bread, which was slightly crunchy on the outside and nice and pillowy everywhere else.

Oh, and don’t forget to get an order of their fries. It’s called “Tumaca Fries” but calling these golden nuggets fries would be a bit misleading, sort of like saying a waffle is a pancake. But nomenclature aside, these are best described as a cross between fries and tater tots, and are perfect in every respect as they take the best attributes of both foodstuffs (the crunch from good fries and the silky texture of good tater tots).

Tumaca Truck