Tuna & Lobster

While many restaurants are giving their excess inventory to their employess to help them through the closures, some wholesalers don’t have that luxury.

Tommy Gomes (well known adn respected fishmonger, formerly with Catalina Offshore) has been posting information about fish and seafood vendors that need to move fres product now that restaurants are closed. Here are the 2 I saw this morning:

  1. Mainely Lobster on Clairmont Mesa Dr has lobsters avaialble at $5 a pound. If you’re interested I’d act quickly. They won’t last long at this price.

  2. This Friday and Saturday there will be a commecial fishing vessel tied up at the Seaport Village dock. It will be selling Bigeye tuna at $10/lb. Tell them Tommy the Fishmonger sent you.

With fish wholesalers not buying the quantities they were before the fisherman need an outlet for their products. Tommy says there will be more boats coming.


Quick up date: The “Seaport Village dock” is actually the Tuna Harbor dock where the usual Saturday Dockside Market is held.

I’ve been getting terrific Ahi from local commercial fishermen at Driscoll’s Wharf in America’s Cup Harbor at only $10 a pound! They also typically offer Opah and Albacore and have other specials like squid, Mongcheong and White Sea Bass. Superior quality at ridiculously low prices.


Agreed. I have a good number of friends who are picking up fish at Driscoll’s Wharf and have been qiute happy with the fish.