Tuna Salad/Fried Asparagus/Black Garlic - Tacos Puntas Cabras (incredibly rare) Daily Special

Chef Dan told me he was putting a “a little Jewish food” on the menu today!
Very tasty.

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For the goyim, which part of the taco is a little Jewish???

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For the Jew, same question?


I think he meant the tuna salad - I would not read too much into it, nobody is suggesting “we” have a monopoly on tuna salad - just a Jew-to-Jew Deli Joke.


Have you had their matzo ball tacos? They only do them around Passover.

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Love TPC! The scallop tostada is really good. I didn’t realize they have daily specials? BTW anyone have secret parking spots they want to give up in that area?

Hardly daily…that’s why I said incredibly rare…not just cause the tuna is sashimi …LOL
They don’t have them too often and you have to ask when you are there (or call first). I have had fois gras, miso beef, abalone specials; usually tacos and sometimes coctales/tostadas.

Alas, no. I’ve only been a few times and only on the weekend. I’ve had decent luck w/ street parking on 23rd north of SM Blvd.

Hi @CiaoBob,

Thanks. Darn it, I wish I saw your post before my lunch break. :stuck_out_tongue: Looks really good.

Now… If there were some really good pastrami in there… hmmmmm.

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Is pastrami with tuna salad even Kosher? @kevin?

I think OK if there’s no milk product used in the prep of the tuna. But… I meant pastrami INSTEAD of the tuna.

Why are there no Pastrami Tacos?

raises hand cuz tortillas are foul compared to crusty rye bread. Do I win a Langer’s, professor?

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Well, the pastrami-on-waffle pic that you posted is folded like a taco, no? :slight_smile:

I found pastrami tacos! (but sadly not in LA)

Hi aaqjr,

You can park in the spaces in the alley that are designated for the school as long as school is not in session.


That is what I do (and feel guilty about!) I would def go more often if street parking was easier.

San Diego’s Sam Zien (Sam the Cooking Guy) does one too. Now I’m getting interested. Who knew?

Sam’s Pastrami Tacos

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