Turntable at Lord Stanley - Restaurant Kinn, Nick Balla

During pandemic times restaurants had different approaches to survive these challenging times - Lord Stanley https://www.lordstanleysf.com/ came up with a continuous guest chef system where every few weeks/months a new external chef took over the kitchen and showcased his/her cuisine through tasting menu and a la carte option.
More recently Chef Ki Kim from Restaurant Kinn in LA https://kinn.la/ was guest chef which promised an interesting mix of western and Korean/asian influences - something we really tend to enjoy and so it was time to finally with Turntable at Lord Stanley
Overall it was a really night with excellent dishes which didn’t try to force “fusion” into the cuisine but had very sensible and thoughtful combinations which worked extremely well and felt natural - some of the highlights included the beef tartare with sunchoke puree, tomato salad (with perilla ice cream),crispy octopus (melting tender yet super crispy), caviar & oyster noodles, ssambap with pork belly bulgogi and blossom flowers and the omija dessert.
Lord Stanley will have one more guest chef with Nick Balla of Bar Tartine fame, before it will revert back to a “classical” restaurant with focus on French and Asian flavors.

Compressed watermelon, yuzu, almond, parmesan

Beef tartare, sunchoke, seaweed

Tomato & perilla salad, burrata, salmon roe,

Crispy octopus, gochugaru

Grilled trout, white kimchi, horseradish, perilla

Caviar & oyster noodles

Dry-aged duck, pesto, yu choy, peach

Ssambap, pork belly, squash blossoms

Market fruit - pluot

Omija, milk ice cream, strawberry lemonade



Thanks for the tip. I’d like to have Balla’s food again.

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Weekdays look still quite open but weekends between 6-8pm start to get quite booked

Bar Tartine was one of my favorite restaurants when Nick Balla was co-chef, so I was excited to have his food again.

Forgot to take the photo until we’d eaten most of the crackers. They brought some extra since we needed more to finish the cheese.

I couldn’t taste the bottarga. The server said it was from a mullet Balla’s father caught in Florida 12 years ago.

Overall I liked this a lot even though the lentils were a little chalky and the purlane was kind of dry. Never had anything remotely like it.

This was good though it ate a bit dry, would probably have been even better made like a normal goulash, as a stew.

Madártej is Hungarian for île flottante. The orange part was a citrusy (?) sweet potato puree. Great dish.

Cookies with seeds and I forget what. Not too sweet, nice earthy note to end on.

Overall a very good meal, excellent wine pairings, nicely paced over 2-3/4 hours. Get it while you can.


I might try to pick up that pizza if I get a chance. His smokebread project was great as well

Picked up the other day with some hummus, pickles and cookies. Love seedy cookies

$9 slices but pretty robust


Last guest chef at Turntable at Lord Stanley this month before they will become a “regular” restaurant again - Nick Balla of fermentation and Bar Tartine fame.
He has an interesting background as he lived also in Hungary when in high school and so this night was an unique exploration of eastern Europe cuisine with many fermented components.
Overall very good dishes throughout the tasting menu, perhaps a little bit heavy on the bread based dishes (but not surprising with the eastern Europe theme). The desserts were good but didn’t reach the high level of the savory dishes.
Now we are looking forward to the return of Lord Stanley and also a future visit to Nick Balla’s cafe in Big Sur

Koji rye sourdough, smoked onion miso butter, pickles - cucumber, mushrooms, dill brined vegetables

Rainbow trout, beet, horseradish, roe

Liptauer paprika cheese, sesame cracker

Tsar Nicolai reserve caviar, potato bread, onion, dill, sour cream

Beef tartare, buckwheat sprouts, preserved eggplants, sesame, sumac

egg noodles, blistered tomatoes, turo cheese, bottarga

Sofia salad, lentil sprouts, whipped feta cheese

Gulyas - short rib, potato, pepper, onion, paprika

Madartej, peach, noyaux, fig

Palacsinta crepe, pink pearl apple, sorghum, hazelnut

“Cheese cookie”