Two questions re: cloth bologna

  1. Where can I buy cloth bologna in bulk in Los Angeles?

  2. Where can I find a fried bologna sandwich made with cloth bologna in Los Angeles?

Thank you.

And before you ask, for those that are either curious or bologna-challenged, this is what cloth bologna is.

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You don’t give up do you? I did some Googling and found this:

No, I don’t.

And, after all these years, two boards later, the answer is still a big “Nyet”?

I suspect you’d have to mail-order it and make your own sandwich.

Why do you want cloth baloney in bulk?

To eat.

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Ipse -

I grew up in the midwest, ate many a fried bologna sandwich and have never heard of the phrase “Cloth Bologna.”

That said, the only reason I had fried baloney was because my mom was from southern Ohio. My Brooklyn born dad mocked it many a time (but still ate it!) Still, we’d often be on road trips and find a place that served fried baloney sandwiches, and we all enjoyed hem.

I think your best bet is to contact/stalk stalk Susan Feniger. She has gone on record as eating fried baloney sandwiches growing up and, liking them! So she may do it as a pop up or as a special if she thinks there is interest. (Or turn you on to where she goes when she has a craving!)

And FYI, even with folks who eat those sandwiches, there’s disagreements. Some folks eat fried baloney with lettuce and mayo. In my folks house? Just plain mustard.

BTW for breakfast? The standard was fried salami and eggs (pancake style) but as an adult I’ve discovered, in a pinch? Fried baloney and eggs - with plenty of pepper. Yum!

I like mine with kimchi.

Cuts the grease and unctuousness of the bologna.

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Ipse - that makes total sense. And sounds tasty!

That’s why my house was a mustard house - my dad was stunned with folks who’d use mayo with baloney. “Fat with fat?!”

I agree with that choice : )

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Yes. Preserved meats with pickles and mustard. Cheese with honey or fig/quince jam, and salted nuts.

Rag / cloth bologna is a Tennessee thing.

Since it looks like there isn’t any cloth bologna is LA what are the best places in LA for bolongna? I haven’t had many types of bologna since my trip to Italy a few years back. The best one I can find regularly is Hebrew National.

try any government office or awards show.


Thanks Robert - that would explain how I never ran across it!

I’d say go to Jons or Super King - and check out the deli counter. Who knows what you might discover : )

As for me? I used to LOVE the turkey salami I could get at Elat Market on Pico. Haven’t seen it since I moved…:cry:

Is there anything like American bologna in Italy? Mortadella is sort of a distant rich cousin.

I didn’t see any American style bologna in Italy but that was probably because I was busy stuffing proscuitto and salami into my mouth. We had great mortadella in Italy as well. Great porky flavor and not as salty as much of the stuff out here.

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