Uber Eats is bringing Katz's pastrami to L.A. this weekend


You can snag these to-go DIY sandwiches with burger for $27 per box, and only from this Thursday to Sunday. Simply heat the pastrami (but don’t toast the bread) when you get home, and you’re good to go. What’s more, while the only Belcampo location offering in-store boxes is Santa Monica, all four Belcampo locations will offer the Uber Eats pickup—which is great news if you’re anywhere near DTLA, Hollywood or West Hollywood.

oh cool, so you can throw out that shit bread and replace it with something quality.


I’m not sure why Belcampo would want to be involved with this Uber Eats promotion.


Okay which one of you is going to do a Katz-Langers Bang Bang?

Or take Katz Pastrami and replace with Langers rye?


I’m incredibly not excited about this.


Not in LA… Wonder why they didn’t pick SF instead for the West?

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I’m not sure the Eater piece is correct about being able to get the thing at the restaurant. The Uber press release makes it sound like it will be available only through Uber Eats delivery.

Presumably Uber Eats picked the cities based on where they’re focusing their promotional efforts.

This was me after trying Katz. Langers > Katz


If I was immobilized in Santa Monica, and my choice was Izzy’s, Froman’s, or Wexler’s, this would be a no-brainer.

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Langers via Postmates?

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Agree, except I actually like Wexler’s (although I appear to be alone in this).

I will never step foot in Izzy’s again since the first (and last time) I was there, they brought me a matzo-ball soup that had… no ball. There’s charmingly ditzy, and then there’s not…



The only thing I kind of liked at Izzy’s, was breakfast. But if I’m gonna get a Jewish deli style breakfast I’d rather go up the street to bagel nosh.

I will say, though, they were a convenient place to get a knish. They used to have a turkey knish lol. Not the best knishes, but convenient.

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As much as I love Langer’s pastrami sandwiches, I think Katz’s has a slight edge on the pastrami itself. As stated above though, shit bread.


And neither spots can trump IMHO the holy grail of all things North American Jewish deli-related…behold the ever-mighty Montreal smoked meat sandwich!

Wexler’s pastrami is excellent, but a step down from Langer’s.

Montreal smoked meat is great, but it’s a different thing that won’t satisfy my craving for pastrami.

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BTW, do we know how many servings of pastrami are in the $27 box?

That’s is why personally I didn’t care for Wexler’s. Both times I had the pastrami it felt like I was eating Texas bbq, didn’t taste like Jewish pastrami, way too smoked.

It was tasty, but when I want a Jewish deli pastrami, it doesn’t scratch my itch.

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Two iconic dishes, one order. The best of New York MEATS the best of Los Angeles. This order will include: (1) Make-at-home Katz’s Deli Pastrami Sandwich - hand-carved pastrami, signature rye bread, and a jar of Katz’s own mustard to be assembled at home to your liking. Shipped straight from Katz’s counters in NYC. Please note: requires heating of pastrami. (2) Belcampo Burger - ½ LB Grass-Fed & Finished 28 Day Dry-Aged Belcampo Beef, White Cheddar, Caramelized Onion, House Sauce, Butter Lettuce. Served on a Brioche Bun.

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It would be interesting to do a taste-off between Katz’s and Langer’s, though you can’t really duplicate what you’d get in the restaurants, where the meat has been freshly cooked and expertly hand-sliced.

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