Uma Casa - SF

Decided to go on impulse Sunday evening since we were passing through SF after a drive up the coast. I called to ask for a reservation, the dining room was fully booked but the hostess said the bar and bar-height communal tables were completely open, so we went and sat at the bar.

Outside of new decor and furniture, the space is pretty much the same as when it was Incanto, but the bar is no longer very comfortable. They took out the step that made it feel the same as if you were at a table, and the new stools have small metal seats with no padding. It was OK but I won’t go back without a reservation, the seats at the regular tables are much more appealing.

Free house-made chips and hot sauce, excellent.

shrimp turnovers, béchamel, piri-piri aiol

These were great. I didn’t realize they would be empanadas. Great bechamel, lots of shrimp, nice crunch on the wrapper.

salt cod fritters, cilantro mayo

Almost the best I’ve ever had, second only to the ones at Supplizio in Rome. Perfect balance of potato and fish.


Forgot to take a picture of this before we stirred it up into an unphotogenic mess. Peas, sugar snap peas, fava bean puree, lamb sausage, poached egg, some sort of broth, with toast. Great combination of flavors and textures, never had anything like it before. Next time I might ask for a little extra toast.

braised pork, tomato-wine sauce, clams, chorizo, fingerling potatoes, cilantro

I guess I was having such a good time I just forgot to photograph this one entirely. Another great dish. Clams and pork together is such a great idea.

pasteis de nata, $4

My companion said this was great. I was too full and it looked awfully sweet, which would have made me want to order the cheese plate to clear my palate.

Drank some really nice wines by the glass at very reasonable prices, $9-13 for what looked like a solid 6-ounce pour. Aragonez is supposedly the same grape as Nebbiolo, but this tasted like a fruity Grenache, not an expression of Nebbiolo I’ve encountered before.

The total bill was surprisingly modest given the quality and how full we were, $120 before 5% mandate charge and tax.


Thanks @robert. Nice report, sounds like a great dinner. I remember @ipsedixit mentioning this as well a while back; I’ll have to try this soon. :slight_smile:

Make sure to try the salt cod, sardines, and drink deeply of whatever the housemade punch is that night.

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We were at Haig’s across the street just before happy hour, so we dropped in for a couple of snacks.

RISSOIS DE CAMARÃO ($5) were great, maybe better than last time.

PASTEIS DE BACALHAU ($5) were delicious though not “best ever” like last time. Delicate so best to eat them before the rissois or anything else spicy.

Great value.

Happy Hour Tues - Sat 5pm - 6:30pm (Bar & Outdoor seating only)