Umami Burger's Impossible Burger

Well, they do a better job than Crossroads.

Not vegan, but it’s pretty tasty. Kinda a double-double animal style, but with two Impossible Burger patties, real cheese, real Russian dressing, house pickles, house mustard, bibb lettuce, and grilled and raw onions.

On the other hand… they still cook it way past medium. The “meat” is pretty gray by the time it gets to you… but none of the latke crust that the one at Crossroads had.

So, for your $16 you get a decent double-double analogue, but vegetarian (again… not vegan…). No sides included.

A neat novelty, but really, really pricey for what you actually get.


Tried the Impossible Burger at Umami. Like the OP, I enjoyed it better than the version at Crossroads.

Unlike the OP, mine had some lovely crust, and the parts with it were great. Unfortunately, the texture of the meat is still too crumbly and loose. Bits of the patty kept breaking off onto the plate.

Probably doesn’t help that they cook the patties well done like a fast food burger.

As I say, I liked this better than the Crossroads version, in large part because the condiments and bun, as well as their ratio to the patty itself, were all better across the board. That said, I probably wouldn’t order it again, not ahead of my beloved Greenbird.

Part of the problem is the Impossible Burger is just kind of a gut bomb. Don’t order this thing expecting a healthy alternative to beef. It’s loaded with fat and sodium and sits in your stomach just like a regular burger. I actually picked up a pastrami sandwich at Wexler’s but ended up roasting some broccoli for dinner.


Impossible Burger is not an appealing meal for vegans or vegetarians. I like the weird texture of Boca vegan burgers. I embrace them for what they are.

I tried this when they were giving out samples at Whole Foods. It was good, I thought; I’ll probably buy some this summer for grilling.


I like Boca burgers too. Truthfully, I think I’d rather just have one of those than an Impossible Burger. Certainly at this price point.

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It is pretty tasty to me for what it is. Very hearty. Would it be something I get on a regular basis? Probably not. Glad I tried it. Certainly is the best mock veggie burger I had.

Speaking of mock veggie foods, I almost always order the mock Tso’s at Happy Family lol


Do tell? I’m looking for a vegetarian burger option for this weekend. I get a frozen one at TJ’s that my son likes (requires almost deep frying to get the crispy edges), but was wondering about other ones.

The Greenbird is turkey, not veggie, but definitely worth a try. It’s my favorite burger at Umami by a mile. May not appeal to a kid though. It’s turkey burger with sprouts, butter lettuce, avocado, and green cheese.

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Ahhh… I normally don’t eat turkey burgers, but I did have one for DoTM (report to follow). Maybe I’ll try the Greenbird one day. I know some feel Umami has lost its mojo, but I still like the burgers. Fake truffle or not (idk), I love the Truffle Burger. It pretty much has truffle in everything - the aioli, cheese, glaze - but still manages to be subtle.

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and green cheese.

Ayyy?!? Sounds like our cheese drawer. :smile:
What is this cheese?

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