Unexpected Good Orders in Los Angeles

Both sandwiches at Little Coyote.


Has anyone done an McD style burger from InO? Was it worth the hassle? I imagine it’s no L/T/Spread add mustard/ketchup/onions


The Porto’s tamale is pretty dang good. I have no idea how representative of Cuban tamales they are but the masa is softer than a typical Mexican tamale and I believe they use their roast pork in it.

The breakfast burrito at Porto’s also comes with the roast pork and is honestly better than a lot of the more run of the mill breakfast burritos you can get. Plus it includes a ramekin of the greenest salsa verde I’ve ever seen.


I done reg McD’s burger/cheeseburger/McDouble. I asked for mustard grilled patty instead add ketchup on my own, onions, and pickles. Also done a Big Mac as well at In N Out.

Try it out. I am surprised this isn’t more of a thing. I think I am the only one who has actually done this.


Fun thread!

Steak & bean burrito at Tacos Villa Corona
The salads and coffee at Konbi (RIP echo park)

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