Unexpected Good Orders in Los Angeles

Hi everyone. I was thinking about places that do one thing for the most part, but the pro move is to order a different thing. Some examples might be:

  • Langers #6
  • Ham Sandwich at Apple Pan
  • Baked Potato/Chili at Wendy’s

The other day I got the Gallina Frita at the Talpa on Pico in West LA. Most people get a burrito or one of the various taco/enchilada/chile relleno combinations. And those are generally pretty decent to good. Actually their chile relleno burrito is really good, and I love their salsa.

But for the gallina frita, you get three pieces (leg, thigh, breast) of seasoned fried chicken with rice and beans on the side, along with a couple of tortillas. It takes 30 minutes to prepare (they warn you), but the the fried chicken and the salsa in the flour tortilla was surprisingly great. Been there a million times, but had never ordered it. While it isn’t in the running for best fried chicken in Los Angeles, I thought the broader topic might be interesting.


Maybe In n Out needs it’s own thread but I rarely get the standard animal style double double as I try to shed a few pounds but still eat well.

I get 2 Animal style Protein style single cheeseburgers with chiles and it makes me quite happy.

Maybe I should be getting them mustard grilled too.

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Putting Russian dressing on Langer’s pastrami makes as much sense to me as ordering it on cold white bread with mayonnaise, lettuce, and tomato.

I guess it might be considered a form of atonement, so OK for this Wednesday.

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Mama’s handmade noodles at Sichuan Impression. Not a hint of spice [edit: spiciness], and oh-so-warm-and-comforting.

Not quite on-topic, but the side salads at California Chicken Cafe (incl the smaller versions of their entree salads) are really quite enough for lunch or dinner (esp if you get a protein) and are a tiny bit cheaper than the entree-sized ones.


At Coni’s Seafood I tend to order Camarones a la Barbacoa and hardly ever order the snook or the marlin tacos and I get the tacos way more than I get the snook.

I also order the Filete de Pescado a la Plancha or one of the other camarones dishes way more often than the snook or the tacos.

I don’t know if that’s a pro move, but it’s what I order.

Does this count?


fof at mcds


With or w/o hasbrown?


With hashbrown is not “unexpected.” :wink:


Did you really have to mention Langer’s #6?? That’s very likely to cost me a special trip to LA and I hate driving there from South OC! Have to check if Benjie’s in Tustin does one. They’re not as good but much less aggravating to get to.

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Any Jewish-style deli has the ingredients so could presumably make it for you.

Once you smother it Russian dressing and chopped liver, does it really matter how good the pastrami is?

Langer’s chopped liver is not bad at all but it’s not going to make any national top 10.

They do have chopped liver (though I don’t see it on a sandwich on their menu) but I’m sure they could make it or serve it as a side to a pastrami sandwich and I could make my own. Gotta do that soon.

I’m with you in that I’d personally hold the Russian (some mustard tho…), but the liver/pastrami combo is what I find to be off the beaten path.

This is an excellent call.

Definitely counts! Will have to try these. Only been once so I went with the marlin tacos and shared some aguachiles - the opposite of the unexpected.

The barbacoa shrimp is better than the filete if you are looking at what I order.

love this thread concept


add sunny side up egg


I mentioned this before as well I think the dishes to get at Coni and 106 Underground are the shrimp dishes! TBH didn’t really care too much for the snook. If I was going with someone who has never been then I’ll order it. If I am riding solo I am happy with the shrimp dishes and ceviches


Their shrimp dishes are the best counter I know of to the generally sensible rule that seafood and cheese don’t mix.

Everything at Coni-Seafood has always been good, regardless of who cooked it.

  • chicken kabob “sandwich” from Joe’s Falafel (Universal City)
  • banh cuon from Pho Tau Bay in Santa Ana
  • shrimp tacos from Ricky’s Fish Tacos