'Unfollow' a thread?

Sorry if it’s obvious or easy to find but can anyone tell me if/how it’s possible to ‘unfollow’ a topic/thread I’ve posted to but no longer want to have appear in my ‘unread’ list?? Thanks.

I think you choose “muted” from the tracking menu.

Scroll down to the bottom of the message where you will see a button that looks like this (highlighted with the red arrow):

Then select it and choose “Mute” like this, as noted by the red arrow:

Thanks folks. Is there a legend for Discourse boards in general or this one in particular?

If by legend you mean a sort of user guide? Not that I know of. Maybe @robert has an idea?

But there’s this sort of “helpline forum” that can sometimes be more confounding than helpful if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Yes. A user guide. It’s pretty intuitive but I do find myself wondering exactly what certain things indicate.

Wow! That helpline forum is way above my pay grade. ;o)

I haven’t found a user guide.