Union Larder - Nob Hill, SF

Excellent wine bar on the Hyde St. cable car line, next door to Swensen’s. No reservations, no wait list. Exemplary by-the-glass list. Very friendly service.

Charcuterie board with four four house-made items: duck terrine (not on menu), mortadella, coppa, and lomo, all very good. Cornichons were the best I’ve had, much less vinegary than usual, unfortunately they didn’t know the brand, only that they came from Greenleaf, and I can’t find them on Greenleaf’s web site. House-made pickles were lacto-fermented, like the cornichons not as wine-hostile as most.

Short rib raclette was good, quite rich but modest portion.

Fondue was tasty but served with some dense bread that didn’t soak it up.

Salted caramel pot de creme was excellent. I’m not usually big on desserts and have only a taste, so we only ordered one, but after I tasted it I ordered another.

Looking forward to going back after the cable cars are running again.