Unique Menu Items

What are some of the most unique dishes you have tried around Los Angeles. Here is one from Doma Kitchen in Manhattan Beach. It is a Shuba Salad or some call it “Herring under a Fur Coat”.

It is basically a 7-layered herring dish that tastes like the best potato salad you have ever had. It is currently off-the-menu but ask nicely and you just might receive.

That is unique.

My entry is Shunji’s tomato tofu – one of my favorite favorite dishes in LA.

Creamed Corn at Chi Spacca. (RIP, no longer on the menu)

What’s so unique about creamed corn?

Well, there’s no cream in it. Just corn milk. Which isn’t milk at all.


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that dish looks amazing to me!
i LOVE LOVE LOVE herring

It is amazing and I believe it will only be on the menu until Christmas.