Unit 120 - Detroit-style pizza

Any reports?


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Looks great! Thanks…

It’s good. Like a deep dish with pan pizza characteristics. $12/pizza w/ 6 square slices per pizza. Might go back tonight.


pepperoni and sausage

Good flavor and sauce, however i thought the crust would be crispier, only the outer edges were really crisp. I suspect I’ll enjoy it more after i reheat it in the toaster oven or cast iron skillet. Worth a try if you’re tired of neapolitan and like your pizza with four sides.


Nice pics @PorkyBelly. Thanks for the report back. :slight_smile:

Is this served for dinner only? 7 days a week? Thanks.

No, only on Mondays from 6 until they sellout.

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Fuzz. Thank you. I thought they’d moved on.

Bummer bout the crispness though. The picture in the LA Weekly article definitely appears to have more char. Heck, the article even says “Perhaps the strongest tie to the Motor City is the crispier crust.”

Have you had Prince St. in NYC? I know it’s bit of a different beast, but they do appear to be in the same square pizza-shaped ball park, so would be interested to get a comparison.

Yeah, the crust was the most disappointing thing for me, especially when detroit-style is supposed to be an even crispier sicilian. Hopefully it’ll come out better after i reheat/bake it again, i’ll report back.

I haven’t been to prince st, is their crust super crispy?

when i went to UM in ann arbor, i was more a cottage inn fan myself, but IIRC the distinctive flavors/textures of the crust come from the pan you use, plus putting the sauce on top of the cheese.

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i think that whole detroit pizza thing came along much later than those halcyon
days of the cottage inn and the wolverine den.
i never heard of “detroit pizza” until a couple few years ago.

detroit style pizza was around when i was in school. IIRC buddy’s was the standard back then. i just didn’t care for it. plus cottage inn was right across the street from south quad while buddy’s never made it to ann arbor.

Pretty crispy. I also heard more than one person put in their order as “extra crispy.” Maybe that’s the trick. Stealing @Ns1’s pictures for reference…


it wasn’t a super hard crisp, but definitely crispy in the manner that I would expect from that type of pan. Still thinking about that pizza. Look at them crispy pepperoni cups…

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just reheated a slice in the toaster over for lunch and it’s 100% better than when it was fresh out of the oven. next time i’ll ask them to cook it “extra crispy”.


like i said, i never heard the term “detroit pizza” as being a distinct style
of pizza up until a few years ago. i googled buddy’s and it has been around a long time, so i have to allow for some
ignorance on my part, although i vaguely remember buddy’s as being mentioned as having good pizza in detroit.
could be a generational thing; i’m not a detroiter, and just never heard “detroit pizza,”. and while i’m not old enough to have seen rob tyner perform,
i did see him walking around shows a lot as some sort of possibly inebriated eminence gris, at clubs in detroit and ann arbor.
i also remember when it was the “pon met” and not the “silverdome,” greg landry going 78 yards on a quarterback sneak that cost bill munson his job, have uttered the words, “mr. cash, may i please have your autograph?” and have eaten a large botana from xochimilco whilst driving through rush hour on the lodge.

detroit pizza is (relatively) new to me.

Detroit-style pizza is a style of pizza developed in Detroit, Michigan. It is a square pizza that has a thick deep-dish crisp crust and toppings such as pepperoni and green peppers, and is generally served with sauce on top of the cheese. The square shaped pizza is the result of being baked in a square pan, which is often not a pizza pan. Rather, industrial parts trays are often used, which were originally made to hold small parts in factories.

The crust of a Detroit-style pizza is noteworthy because in addition to occasionally being twice-baked, it is usually baked in a well-oiled pan to a chewy medium-well-done state that gives the bottom and edges of the crust a fried/crunchy texture. Some parlors will apply melted butter with a soft brush prior to baking. The resulting pizza has a chewy texture. The origins of “Detroit-style” pizza can be traced back historically to Buddy’s Rendezvous in 1946, which later became Buddy’s Pizza. Wikipedia

Photo Jet’s Pizza Detroit top
Buddy’s Pizza Detroit bottom


This is so perfect. If you had to completely fabricate a Detroit-Style Pizza Fact I think this would be the place to start. (just to be clear, not suggesting you did fabricate this)

I really want to try this. I heard it’s not as good as Jet’s in the Midwest. But that’s been around for a long time.

i dont have to try this Unit 120 to tell you Prince ST is the best! Sicilian or call it Detroit style, if Unit 120 is thick crusted and without crunch…i’ll pass…i went there sunday night and found out its only Mondays…did get a good bowl of thick cold noodles(li piang) at Qin West, though

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those look good