Uphill Alert--Atlantic Seafood in Monterey Park

When Atlantic Seafood opened up four years ago on the second floor of Atlantic Times Square it appeared to be very promising, as it was the full seafood upgrade of one of the better Hong Kong cafes in the area, Harbor Kitchen, which lost its lease. Alas it turned out to be fairly ordinary and as such was quite a disappointment. We’d go by and check it out perhaps once a year to see if there was an improvement, but there wasn’t. However after raytamsgv’s positive (but not glowing) report from a few months ago, and some very good reports from my “agent” Judy Isozaki who needed a regular venue to replace Seafood Village/Palace while it rehabilitates from last year’s fire, we decided to give it a try tonight. The results were surprisingly good. Best item of the evening was the pan fried black cod in Maggi sauce, chunks of fish slightly crispy and quite savory. Orange chicken, French cut filet mignon, Hong Kong pork chops and egg tofu with bamboo pith were also very good. Only the seafood soup wasn’t a winner. Combined with the downhill slide of the Alhambra Tasty Garden after it chanted hands, Atlantic Seafood might replace it in our regular rotation as we explore the menu further.


I’ve always liked the place. Except for the underground parking.


Au contraire. To save my car from un-neccssary baking in the hot summer sun for an hour or two and to save my prostate from un-neccssary heat related injuries upon re-entry during the summer months, I specifically seek out restaurants with underground parking.
When available, I alway prefer the rare covered ground lever parkings.

That seafood restaurant was the worst Cantonese restaurant I had during the 36 years in LA. They did not how to operate a high end wanna be restaurant. Not the food, not the service and certainly not the decor. Might as well just do like Sam Woo. Usuaul Cantonese don’t really care the quality, the decor and the service. As long as cheap and big portion. It is not that difficult to cook sea food, as long as is live. Most Cantonese restaurant cheat the customers, show you a 3 lbs lobster, cook you a 2 lbs dead one. I take you are a Cantonese also, the blue face guy doesn’t seem to know how to pick a real good Chinese place either.

Actually the blue faced guy is probably the most knowledgeable person in Los Angeles when it comes to Chinese food and the Chinese restaurant industry. I wish he’d go into organized writing and spill all the beans. I may disagree with some of his Manhattan picks, but he’s spot on in the San Gabriel Valley.


So what places do you recommend, @Socalfood?

All I can say is don’t order stir fry dish from Cantonese restaurant, they are the worst among all regions. Don’t know how to do sauce. They are good only for live seafood and some soup but have to be honest. The one at the corner of Garvey and Atlantic ( for 30 years I don’t even try to remember their name). Not fancy, but honesty. Basically I gave up all Chinese restaurants, we buy live sea food, take it to the restaurant, pay $30 for their cooking. Invite owner sit down with us, drink together. Nothing better than this.

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Ocean Star?

If it is Ocean Star, I’m not a fan. Take me to SGV any day.

No, not that horrible Ocean Star. NYC is the name. Like I said, they may not be the best one, but honesty. You don’t go to any restaurant expecting every dish is to your liking. A lot of time I go to any restaurant only for one of their best.

Sorry you thought that. Keep following him then. Oh, BTW, Green Island went down because they tried to be different from all other Hong Kong cafe. Big mistake, they start out in Temple city with lots of wine collection, when was the last time you saw Cantonese patrons eating at cafe type food with alcohol? Besides, their food was just typical cafe style. all cafe’s food taste the same. You name it, JJ, Garden, once Sunday, Lido, Tasty garden, Bacaly… Whatever

The only good thing for the place is under ground parking. Worst restaurant in Time Square.

i wonder if that reflects a change in the dim sum staff as well. i was underwhelmed by the dim sum there almost a year ago

The blue faced guy also runs this message board.

“uphill alert” I like that, it needs to trend.