Uphill Alert--Master Chef in Chinatown

Intrigued by the “Grand Reopening” banner, we stopped by Master Chef on Hill St. to find a newly remodeled restaurant, with a newly open dining room where there had been a partial wall divider, and a complete new menu. Master Chef had been one of the better Cantonese restaurants in Chinatown since its opening in 2008,though that isn’t necessarily saying much, plus consistency wasn’t one of their strong points. Don’t know about the consistency yet, but today’s meal was definitely an upgrade, with nice versions of fish fillet with corn, French cut steak, orange chicken and black bean clams. Menus use the new moniker Masterchef Chinatown, and they’re targeting a new demographic with their “Beer of the Month”. I’m thinking this might be edging ahead of Phoenix Inn and CBS Seafood for top Cantonese honors in Chinatown.


I like how in a earlier article you explained the meaning of this place, when all the cooks in Chinatown got off, they came here to eat and socialize.

Thank you for the heads up. I think Fortune Gourmet puts out some solid Canto food. Jade Wok too for the price.

(I also love that Jade Wok is right across from Bruce Lee’s last martial arts school and the physical location where Jeet Kune Do was born, there is no sign to mark this, sadly. I wish the Statue was moved to Alpine Rec Center where he worked out and did runs in the nearby hills and streets, instead of watching hipsters eating cheeseburgers)

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Cool, I didn’t know that! I played pickup hoops there for quite some time back in the last decade…

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I played a season in a Chinese league with my cousins. I suck but I was recruited for my height/weight.

That shit was serious business.


Mad handles. Big ups.