Urasawa recently?

Please elaborate why?

Yes. Please elaborate. Thanks.

because the fish was good but not over the top and there is better sushi at many other places in LA without having to deal with the elitist attitude and the absurd prices.

I’d have to disagree. Been to Sushi Zo many times, and the final 3 times I went (before all of my friends and I gave up on Sushi Zo) Chef Keizo was an complete and utter JERK to all of us (and most of the people at the sushi bar). We saw him completely ignore one lady (Caucasian) sitting in the last seat of the sushi bar.

Chef Keizo of Sushi Zo is the exact description you’re accusing Chef Urasawa of interestingly enough.

And his neta and shari were both lacking on the last 3 visits, not even close to the execution of Shunji, Mori or Urasawa.

Just my 2 cents.

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I completely agree with your sentiments especially in regards to the not being so nice to put it very fucking lightly in the service department of things.

It is funny.

One of the posters said the service and fish was great there (Zo) but I felt it was anthying but in regards to the service in the later omakase years on National.

Having said that Zo breadth and variety of sushi and piece by peice approach was as if Nozawa’s patented, ididosyncratic prixe-fixes were taken straight to fucking graduate school.

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Had a bottle of Kimura the a few months ago at Oshima in Orange. I think they charge ~300 for it.

Forgot to ask is there a specific dress code? I know LA is fairly casual, but is this place any different or is jeans and a button shirt fine?

Not really, but I’d leave the shorts and flip flops at home.

would a bathing suit fucking work ???

money talks right ???