Urasawa recently?

Anyone been recently whats the current price pp? Any special dishes in December with white truffle?

400 per.

Shabu Shabu topped with white truffles over a fugu sorbet.

Soba with white truffle sauce.

White truffle ice cream (of course from his mentor Masa).

Southern fried fugu with shaved white truffles.

275 suppl.

Just booked a reservation, am looking forward to it. Is it 275 for all items? Thought the truffle ice cream was standard.

Please verify with them that they have your dishes that you want.

And yeah fugu is very fucking expensive.

Either way you should have an extra-ordinary time.

And that’s seriously no fucking joke.

kevin, I suspect you’d be thrown out of Urasawa if you used the ‘f’ word there.

Only one fuckin way to find out. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

it ain’t true, kev. trust me.

Just make sure your credit card works!

Cash is king. And if that doesn’t work, use the corporate expense account.

I found myself sitting next to Phil Jackson on the last visit, and one Mrs. Jessica Warren (née Alba) on a prior visit.

Neta nirvana:


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Nice sushi centerfold.

or for the price of a dinner for 2 at Urasawa, hop a flight to japan where this stuff is just average…


Where’s the fucking pic of Ms Warren ???

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Is that whale meat on the bottom right (3rd pic)?

Ishigaki beef

That’s from an izikaya on ishigaki.

how was your meal OP poster ???

Haven’t gone yet reservation is the beginning of next month.

Does someone have pictures of the sake list they can post?

Sushi Nakazawa has that Zankyo Super 8 Junmai Daiginjo (yep, milled to 8%), I think priced at $3000 a bottle (very healthy markup). Noted a Yelp picture of a sake called Kimura (?) which maybe Mori has as well?

Is picture taking banned at Urasawa, or does that not apply to regulars?

How far in advance is required now for reservations, should one take the plunge?

Yes, you should take the plunge, sushi eaters would say.

And kimura should be much much much much more reasonably priced.

Picture taking is permitted from what I hear.

two weeks.

not worth the money and completely pretentious. go to sushi zo on national if you want unbelievable sushi and comfortable, top notch, unassuming service.