Urbn pizza @smorgasburgla

Embarrassed to admit i’d never been to the food extravanganza at the DTLA’s Produce Mart(Central/7th St) until this morning, and it was not intentional…i was just drivin around on my first Sunday off in a while and there it was…there is a helluva lot of mouth watering food there, from desserts to bbq to chinese dumplings to puerto rican food, but the sign that caught my eye, naturally, was New Haven style pizza…holy shit…the land of the legendary Frank Pepe’s apparently has an expatriate living in San Diego where Michael DiLauro has several branches of coal-fired New Haven style pizza…i think id heard about it but dismissed it out of hand…Well, this is the Shit…the margherita had a delish fruity tomato sauce with creamy mozz and most importantly, a verrry thin, smoky, charred chewy crust…i’ll say no more except that urbn pizza will have a new truck in LA soon…yum!
chowseeker, I loved it!

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Michael DiLauro adding some truffle to a great pie!


are they still serving the honey and soppressata, that was great.


No, PorkyBelly, cheese, margherita, pepperoni & bacon…but here’s a photo of the very smoky food right next to urbn…only looked, though…thats a beautiful hunk of pork


That is just wrong.

If that is wrong then I don’t want to be right.


bacon topping is a favorite at New Haven’s pizza shrine, Frank Pepe’s, where urbn owner Michael DiLauro ate a small pie weekly!

I go to URBN in San Diego quite a bit (as as well as sister restaurant Basic), and the mashed potato pizza is awesome.


Hi @lapizzamaven,

Nice! So glad you liked it! :slight_smile: Thanks for the history lesson as well. :slight_smile:

I’m also glad to hear they’re still at Smorgasburg. I was worried they left. I still remember my previous visit fondly, and now I feel like going back ASAP thanks to your report! :smile:

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Now that’s apizza! Any undercarriage shots?

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yeah chowseeker, that wont be my only time at this foodie heaven

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no “upskirt” photos, Bigmouth…it was nicely charred, though!


Here are some upskirt shots from my previous visit, unfortunately one was completely underdone:


Im missing something here…the “upskirt” photo in this comment looks damn good to me…who is comparing “looking under the pizza skirt” to Stephen Rea’s surprise?

Good to know! These guys are high on my list to try.

There are two. First looks great, the second underdone.

youre right about that, Bigmouth…i didnt look at the last photo…def underdone

upskirt photos, is this porn site now ?

Hells yes (food porn = same itch here) - where you been?!?! :laughing:

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See Bulavinaka’s comment! pizza porn at its best!

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