URGENT - who has the best tamales at the Placentia Tamale fest tonight?

On my way now and with only limited stomach space, where should I not miss?

I haven’t been in years, and I don’t know who’s going to be there. I don’t know of any Placentia restaurants that specialize in tamales, but I’ve had good food at Sabroso, Cantarito, El Farolito, and La Fondita. Sorry if that doesn’t help.

I can tell you to avoid anything by Tlaquepaque.

Pics not going to happen since I am wearing a baby.

Catanaro was ok, kinda dry and waxy. Pork was bland.

Sabroso jalapeño and cheese was better, fluffier and moist. Very spicy. Wife and Son loved the pineapple with raisins.

Took a pork and chicken home from 2 other places, Hugos and a place I didnt get the name of (a mariscos place?)

The Hugos one was the best of the night, pork had a nice tangy but not spicy red sauce and the masa was airy, moist and had a lot of corn flavor.

The other was interesting, came wrapped in a banana leaf that gave it a very different flavor than any of the others. Filling was a little boring but decent spice.

Overall, a great time.

Washed down bites of my sons churro with an excellent champurrado.